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Old 06-18-2011
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Default P boo dogs

I have been doing this job for some 24 years now, and I have handled thousands of Pits during that time, but other than animal on animal aggression I have not seen anything that distinguishes Pit Bull behavior from that of any other dog. However, all my time has been in suburban areas, and when I talk to folks from rural areas they seem to feels Pits are a problem. Is there an actual difference between a suburban Pit and a rural Pit?
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Old 06-18-2011
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I've worked both rural and suburban areas, and I haven't seen any appreciable differences in the behavior of pits in either environment.

The only real difference I have noticed is in peoples reactions to the dogs. I have seen a lot more "OMG it a pit bull hide the children!!!!" reactions in the rural areas, where pits are not the dog of choice.
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Old 06-18-2011
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I imagine dogs of all breeds are commonly allowed to RAL in rural areas, and if there is livestock involved, the pits may have more "targets of opportunity." It may also depend on if the rural area is home to any dogfighters or meth labs. There is an adjacent county to Tulsa in which I wouldn't want to meet up with a pit. Or, it could be that the denizens of a particular rural area aren't used to seeing pits and just react based on what they've heard.
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Old 06-19-2011
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"Is there an actual difference between a suburban Pit and a rural Pit?"


Todays case in point. First call was 'aggressive pit bull at large near church'. I arrived and a big brown pit barked at me as I got out of the truck. I called to him in a happy voice: 'What ARE you doing, you big goof?' The wigglebutt started and I soon had him doing sits and downs for treats. Got the leash on him and knocked at the door of the house of the yard he was in. Lady comes to door and about has a cow that her dog got out. Neighbors were unaware the dog lived there because he had NEVER BEEN OUT OF HIS YARD BEFORE!
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Old 06-20-2011
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The only difference is in the public perception. The biggest problem with that breed is at the other end of the leash and people that use them as resident dogs or status symbols rather than family dogs.
The media doesn’t help much change the perception or stereotypes, but things are getting better.
Best Friends in Utah has a really good education program going on with Pit crews in certain cities and Animal Farm Foundation is doing great work with the dogs and education.

I would recommend that other officers check out the dog files.
They have some great videos that are worth sharing.
Is your dog licensed?
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