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Old 10-01-2008
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I'm just past the two year mark...we'll see if I make it to five. haha.
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Old 10-01-2008
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This is something we are looking into our selves. We have presented it to our union president. Along with a few other things. Right now our uppers are not willing to do it. But they did state if we can come up with another few reason to convience them. THere can be a change.
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Old 10-01-2008
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The reason most businesses offer early retirement is to cut overhead. If they can get rid of people making $$$, and hire in people making $, then they have just saved $$ per person. Since I am the only ACO in the city, if I retire and they hire in somebody at base pay, that would be nearly a 10% cut in the overall ACO budget.
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Old 10-02-2008
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We currently have a 2.5% @ 55 retirement. I don't know what state you're in but in California there are several retirement plans for public employees depending on what "class" of employee you are and where you work. (It could be anything form 2% @ 60 to 3% @ 50) The 2.5% @ 55 means that at age 55 you can retire with 2.5% of your pay for each year of work. What this means is that at 20 years employment, once you reach 55 years old you would collect 50% of your pay as retirement. The longer you stay the more you get. If you have 30 years on with that scenario you'd get 75% and so on. Now, if we were public safety, such as our Police, Fire and Lifeguards we could get 3% @ 50. So, where I am now (age 52 with 27 years on) I would be getting 81% if I retired right now instead of having to wait 3 more years and getting 75% (which would translate to 90% if it was the 3% plan if you follow). Of course we, as ACO's, never enforce the law or get assaulted or arrest anyone or have anything at all to do with public safety so why shouldn't we get the same retirement as the guy from General Services that runs the skip loader (not that his job isn't important too, but I think you understand my point, I hope). Now, if you're in California and want to do something about it check this thread...
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