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Old 11-18-2011
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Question Trapping in the winter

Trying to get some feedback on what other agencies do as far as setting traps in the colder months. Do you go by the temperature, wind chill, precipitation, etc?

We're trying to decide how to do it this year, last year we covered our traps, and if it was going to get below freezing and the wind chill dropped it into the teens we would either trip the traps or pick them up, and then not set them till the temps got above freezing at night.

Also how many angencies have coverage 7 days a week? We do right now but are thinking of maybe doing away with Sundays and just having that be "emergencies only" kind of day.
Our Sundays aren't that busy averaging maybe 6 calls but not all of them are for Animal Control. We would probably only do it during the winter months when things are really slow.

Thanks for any feedback you can give really appreciate it.
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Old 11-18-2011
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To be on the safe side, unless you are watching the trap, don't leave un-monitored traps if it is below 45 degrees out. that is also depending on where you are and how fast the temp changes too.
Is your dog licensed?
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Old 11-22-2011
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We don't trap in the winter at all. Not enough man power to keep a close eye on the traps. And on weekends and holidays we go on for emergency call outs only. Works pretty good.
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Old 11-22-2011
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Well I guess that depends on your target animal...... I find that the 330 Coniebear or the Duke #15 seem to get the job done with out any problems...

Now truthfully I avoid traping when it gets near freezing unless I have no other choice. As listed above, it alll has to do with staffing and being able to monitor your trap.

Stay Safe
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Old 11-22-2011
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Fyr, you are too too funny!

I tie my traps open and put extra food in them, basically going back to a prebaiting ritual until the weather turns. I don't want to pull the trap unless its causing the dog to spook out of the area.

I'm willing to set in darn near any weather as long as the landowner will agree to keep a close eye on the trap. If they can't watch it, then I don't set it. Usually people are screaming about the animal suffering when they want a trap set, so they are willing to keep an eye on it and call you immediately when its been tripped.
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Old 11-23-2011
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Winter? Iíve heard of that. A North central Texas ďwinterĒ only lasts a week or so and then itís back to 50s and 60s all the time. I have never had a problem with trapped animals in the winter, but I also put it on the sign out for that Texas law states it is a class A misdemeanor to transport or confine an animal in a cruel manner.
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Old 11-24-2011
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Basically we stop nuisance wildlife trapping in mid October. Unless there is a specific incident ( i.e. possibly sick, rabid or injured animal) involved. On occasion we may place a "dummy trap" when we receive silly complaints such as:
"I have a (insert animal here) hanging around my house and I'm concerned that it may die in the cold."
Uh Ma'am, not every animal hibernates or goes south for the winter, that fox has a nice fur coat to keep him warm.
Well I'd feel better if you could catch it and take him somewhere warm, besides isn't part of your job to protect animals?
Yes Ma'am, we'll get a trap out there as soon as we can.

(Of course she can't tell the door is permanantly welded open)! But she feels a lot better knowing we are going to help this poor fox survive the brutally cold winter weather here in PA.
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