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Old 12-08-2009
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Wow, Thats terrible NBPD, not trying to "dog" ya, but I am sure your work is worth more compensation then that. Reading these posts is depressing, even with cost of living as a factor, here it is expensive as heck, but I am not going to put up my pay. It's not great, but not bad either. I will tell you our Volunteer coordinator makes 65-70,000 grand a year. There is nothing volunteer about that HAha
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Old 12-08-2009
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I actually have a full time job with the State Police and five part time jobs which two of them are animal contol. So it is more of a supplemental type of income although in one of the towns I could easily put in 30-40hour a week. I basically set my own hours and have developed a "reputation" in that town so I have been seeing fewer and fewer frequent fliers. You are right though should be alot higher. My assistant only get $400 for the year luckily she only covers when I go on vacation once a year and that is only for a week.

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Old 02-05-2010
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I was getting 12.00 for ACO in Newark,NJ.
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Old 03-21-2010
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14.00 an hour here, going up 4% a year, until the end of the bargaining agreement ending in three years,but I am hoping the municipalty takes over ,as we share the same union and the position should go up to a wage of 22.50 - 24;50 to start and this is in a city with the average price of a home is 120,000.
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Old 03-21-2010
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Originally Posted by assweetasbrandy View Post
Does anyone know what upstate NY ACO's get paid? I mean like Syracuse? I know that the smaller towns don't get paid crap and I think I heard NYC pays like 10.00 an hour...But does anyone know what Syracuse, NY pays? I am not sure where to find this info out without actually calling the dog control and asking...Which prob would look stupid! LOL
go to google look up NYS civil service. On that site go down to working with local goverments, click on the county. and you'll find when they hired last or the job posting.
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