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Old 10-12-2005
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Default Service Dog Shot 3 Times by Police
Mark Kumpf
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Old 10-17-2005
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Guess all I can say is if he is a service dog he really shouldnt be outside running loose, he should be under supervision! I know I wouldnt have a service dog out of MY site...
Pretty sad. I support the Police Officer's decisions, and without thinking twice. Just wish they'd learn to use ASPs/ (bite sticks) as we do... I have been doing this for 5 years now and not once have I ever depended on a gun, my ASP saves me every time Take Care
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Old 10-23-2005
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Default Service dog shot 3 times by Police

The only people that should be blamed for this dog's death is the owner. It makes you want to know how many times this "nice, sweet service" dog actually ran loose.

P.S. you spelled Napoleon Dynamite wrong.
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Old 10-24-2005
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Default Police and Animals

Most Police Officers have no training and no capture equipment that is suitable for use on animals. I wish there were a way to prevent them from responding to calls where animals are involved, at all.

Very often, the only thing they can do is escalate the situation. The only force they have to use, is inappropriate. I have seen the aftermath of dogs that have been tasered .

Another time I witnessed a Rottweiler shot in the chest, that was barking and bouncing around in a circle. The Officer felt threatened, but anyone with any animal expertise would have known that the animal was exhibiting normal territorial aggressive threat display, and was not likely to bite. A catch pole would have solved the problem. He could not have known that. It is very unfortunate, this canundrum concerning polilce officers and dogs that they perceive as a threat.
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Old 10-25-2005
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I am curious. The article seems to have some contradictions in it. The neighbors called the police on the dog for being loose, then later stated it was a friendly dog...then why did they call on it? The police said it bit onto their leg, tearing their is that "guiding" and/or "helping" anyone.

Look, I am sorry the dog was shot, no one ever takes a law enforcement job hoping to shot an animal, but it happens. We were hired to protect people first, then pets. If it was attacking, or thought to be attacking, the police made the right call.
Stay safe and keep Megan
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Old 10-29-2005
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Looks like an escalation of force issue.
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Old 11-19-2005
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The owner of the dog swears the dog is as friendly as can be. The Police Officer thought his life was at risk. Who is one to believe ???
Well here is a local example from my neck of the woods, local police shoot a dog twice after it attacked a police dog and handler. The owner claims it was the most gentle dog on the planet. No surpise this guys failed to mention the multiple tickets. court appearances, etc etc in relation to this guys many pitbulls. My point, a dog owner may feel their dog is no threat, but the rest of the planet may see it differently. I guess it boils down to the eye of the beholder eh.
Be Safe, Stay Safe...
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