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Old 06-05-2011
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Originally Posted by maddog View Post
I thought it was the redheaded BASTARD stepchild?
That's the insinuation of the red-headed part; it implies that when a red-headed child is born seemingly out of nowhere, say mama's a blonde and dad's dark-haired. Assumption is mama must'a been foolin' around. Truth is, red hair is a mutation that can skip generations or even pop up outta the blue. But when I look at Marcia Cross, all I can say is thank God for mutants!
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Old 07-15-2011
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We keep changing who we are under. We were under health, then we went to be our own and now we are back under health. They keep slashing our budget and we have officers positions frozen. But they are wondering why it takes so long to respond. Also now our volunteers have been banned from our shelter, thanks to the highers to be(they don't have any experience running a shelter).
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Old 07-18-2011
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Talking Red-headed step child

This is what we are:
Mushrooms= kept in the dark and pooped on!!
I was nice really wanted to sh%& on but...........
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Old 10-10-2017
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Default gone and glad

I was in aco for 28 years. Got a new chief and he was under fire from humane groups. He ordered animals euthanized and the next day I was put on leave while there was an investigation. Which took the attention off of him . all complaints filed by the administration an x police office were unfounded. Which the new chief did not like. After that I was told I could not wear my hat, mustache , hair to long, had body oder, did not approve of my bilfold , did not approve of my tattoo, could not carry snuff can in back pocket , ect. HR would not reply to my complaints. I stayed just a few months until I met retirement terms. Left its hard to work for upper management that has no integrity.
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Old 10-11-2017
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Were any of those things in a policy manual anywhere? I worked as ACO for 3 cities, and we were a division of the PD in each, so we were subject to the PDC dress code. I could keep my moustache, but beards were not allowed. My hair had to be above my ears and collar. I had to shave every day. I had to get approval from the Chief to wear a baseball cap after I had my first skin cancer removed.

One city wouldn't even let me put my place of employment on social media because anything I said might reflect back on the PD/city. I represented the PD 24/7, so if I did anything off duty that would reflect poorly on the department I was subject to termination.

As a supervisor I had to pass over a prospective kennel tech because she had a sleeve that went all the way down her arm and on the back of her hand. The PD manual specifically said "no visible tattoos" and I couldn't make her wear long sleeves and leather gloves all day.

I left the animal control industry over 5 years ago, and while I miss some aspects of the job, I ain't never going back.
There are no problems, only challenges and opportunities.
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Old 10-11-2017
halfacop halfacop is offline
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I've worked for 4 different agencies, 3 different counties in 2 different states. All but one were under the police department or sheriff's office. The other was under the dept. of public safety.

ALL of them had dress code standards and all but 1 do not allow beards, tats, long hair, etc. All dress codes and standards applied the same across the board for ALL officers of Admin, Patrol, AC, etc. The 1 that did allow beards actually didn't per the policy but the damn union would fight a discipline every time so it made it impossible to enforce...

In my opinion - that is as it should be. If you're on the street working in a law enforcement capacity an individual should dress and represent the department with professionalism. "We" in this industry have a hard enough time as it is getting respect from the other agencies let along respect and compliance from the general public.

Social media is a Pandora's Box and I don't blame agencies for tightening the screws...

Note: I have no problem with tats or beards. As long as the tats are not disrespectful and the beard is neatly trimmed. Long hair, wallets with chains hanging out and or dip cans bulging out of a pocket scream all sorts of NOPE in my opinion when it comes to work place professionalism and proper dress codes.

I've seen it dozens of times. Animal Control Agencies dreaming, complaining, wishing they wouldn't be treated as the red headed step child of the city agencies all the while they look like soup sandwiches in their uniforms, men with untrimmed facial hair, woman with hair color outside the range of "normal", all driving vehicles that look like they just came from a weekend mudding party, etc...

In my 15 years on the job - having worked with a lot of great people and agencies - the one thing that holds true in many places is that they all train to the lowest denominator. This topic is no different and the outcome is the same. Unless you look and act the part - you're not. Perception is reality.

With that being said - if you work in the kennel and not "in the public eye" - I see no reason why certain aspects of dress code and personal standards can not be different within reason...

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Old 10-12-2017
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As I said earlier, all of the agencies I worked for were out of PDs, but I did have occasion to visit another agency that was attached to public health. I was a little nervous there because several of their officers looked like they had just gotten out of prison. Total culture shock as compared to what I was used too.
There are no problems, only challenges and opportunities.
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