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Old 09-15-2010
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We got it and it does not work at all. The furtherst we got was 10ft at most. The other times we tried the net would barely come out and one of the wieghts would stay in the device. We tried to send them back to the guy and he gave us a hard time. Said he shot the thing and everything worked out just fine. But wouldnt refund us the money. So now we are stuck with it.
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Old 06-18-2011
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Hello everyone,

I am doing some research on the Super Talon Animal Catcher made by Advanced Weapons Technology. This isn't just a regular net gun. The container is about the size of a flash light. The end where the net comes out of is slightly larger than a flash light. If any of you have used this can you tell me the following:

1. How successful have you been at caputuring whatever you have used it for? Have you had less success with certain species of animals? How is it specifically with dogs and cats?

2. How durable is the Super Talon? Has it held up over time? How long have you had it? How many uses? Any problems with holes in the net or the net ripping?

3. How easy is it to reload? How long does it take?

Any info. would be appreciated.

Kevin Wilken
Shelter Supervisor
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Old 07-10-2011
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We caught a goat with it. We haven' tried it on a dog yet. Looks like it would be good for injured geese or those dogs that will come to you but you know if you grab them they will bite you and you can't quiet get a pole on them. Range seems to be 10 feet or less. It has its uses but I wouldn't expect too much from it. I'm still waiting to see how it does on a decent sized dog. I told the supervisor that the first dog we catch that gets reclaimed by its owner I feel sorry for the owner the first time he pulls out a flashlight in front of the dog.
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Old 10-15-2012
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Don't get it. Like some have already said 10 ft. is it's max range. The net is extremely thin. We have used ours once on my frenchie just to see how it worked. I don't think the net would hold anything bigger than 25 lbs. And it misfires a lot once you get it figured out.
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