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Old 04-01-2007
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Default WHICH ONE?

Question-- I am realy wanting to be a ACO officer. BUT.. i can not find any type of training around my area. My local AB-Tech only offers Veterinary Medical Technology classes or Law Enforcement Training. Which would benefit me more to take that would put experience under my belt or qualify me more to eventualy become a ACO? It seems around my area you either have to work at the local shelter for years to be passed over to the ACO position ( which is how our current ACO got her position) or to be a Police Officer ( which my next local ACO's are, they handle the ACO's duties) but if i were to become a cop wouldn't it be more easier to become a ACO because maybe of some connections i would eventually aquire or maybe some ACO training the "force" may offer to their officers? I don't know. I'm so confused on what to do or how to even start doing it. I'm in such of a "hole" here there is literaly nothing here. But i love living here and that's were i would love to be a ACO. Because i think the need more of them here and i would love to change what i see done to certain animals ( lots of strays, & people who don't need the animals they have but they do bacause were such a country place you can't always see everything). And the vet. medical tech. class would benefit me in the animal knowledge but that's a tough course to take. Any advice would be grately appreciated. JENNIFER
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Old 04-02-2007
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Maybe you are putting the cart before the horse. I was hired as an ACO then received training. I think most of your valuable training comes from on the job training. Trial and error.

Is there a job opening you are applying for? What are the requirements for the job?
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Old 04-02-2007
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Check out NACA ( National Animal Control Association), at and see if there are any training classes in your area that you can go to.
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