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Default Re: Hay!

Originally Posted by jimbo
I look forward to the day when logic and reasonable action are prevailant in Municipal Government.
I wish I could be so optimistic and think that's going to happen. (Unless of course, you were being sarcastic - in which case yeah, so do I.)

While I agree with all of the abstract things you spoke of, specifically the media loving a good fight, I also feel that sometimes it's not about polarizing. I preface this by saying that I wasn't there during this incident, so I can't say one way or another about what actually happened. I do know that this particular officer has had problems in the past.

I look at it this way - yes, the media does make a mess out of things sometimes, which can be counter-productive for all parties involved (except themselves, of course) - but they also play a key role in opening the public's eyes to many of these issues. If the media hadn't taken the Rodney King story and plastered it all over the networks, that atrocity would have slipped under the radar of public scrutiny, and LAPD would have been able to continue with their brutality with no one saying a word.

Don't misunderstand me - I am not saying that what this officer allegedly did was comparable to what happened to Rodney King - but I hope you can see my point. When there are problems with an agency or an individual, sometimes articles like this are what start to propel change.

When public outcry goes on long enough, sometimes the powers that be decide to finally throw money at the problem - which occasionally actually *is* the answer.
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