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Originally Posted by halfacop View Post
The issue is this. There is a big difference between getting certified ASP training for use as a defensive tool against animals AND training for defense of humans.

NACA does not certify officers is human defensive tactics, they have (at least in the past) had workshops for certifying officers with the ASP as a "bite stick".
Yes, we have an asp problem here as well. I work for the PD. My boss trains ASP use at the academy. But he only trains for use against people. Since we don't have anybody to certify us how to use against animals -- nor can we find a written protocol for use against animals -- we are not allowed to carry "for liability reasons." NACA doesn't come to Florida because we have our own state animal control association. But FACA doesn't have bite stick certification classes. It's a catch-22. BTW, our City will not openly allow us to carry weapons to be used against people. Even my pepper spray was authorized "for use against dogs." That doesn't mean that the Sergeant didn't show/tell me how to defend myself against people, but . . .

I didn't see in the original post if the asp use was for people or animals. I posted the suggestion in case the poster had a problem like mine.
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