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Originally Posted by mzk10 View Post
Does NACA (National Animal Control Association) offer ASP training? Perhaps several agencies can pay to have NACA come out and teach/certify everybody.
The issue is this. There is a big difference between getting certified ASP training for use as a defensive tool against animals AND training for defense of humans.

NACA does not certify officers is human defensive tactics, they have (at least in the past) had workshops for certifying officers with the ASP as a "bite stick".

If your only looking for certification in defense against animals than this can acquired and maybe honored by whatever dept you work for. You'd have to check with their training division.

If your looking to get certified with a baton for defensive purposes against humans than your going to have to find a trainer that is law enforcement certified in the area that can give you this training and that is recognized by your department.

It's all liability. When an officer deploys a baton and strikes an individual with it - they better have been properly certified in the locations of strikes (red zone / green zone) and so on. One miss strike and no regional POST training to back it up and you'll be paying out the ass in court.

For instance - at my former agency I was ILEA certified in Monadnock Autolock Batons. I was trained per dept policy and procedure. When I switched agencies (which was just north and shared county line) I had to be trained and certified in that agencies policy and procedure as well as hands on because they issue friction lock batons not Auto-locks.

Different agency, different type of baton, different policies. Officers have to be trained properly in their departments use of force continuum if their going to carry for defense against humans. So you can see that in a instance involving the baton - a NATIONAL CERTIFICATION isn't going to cut it unless it's simply for bite stick purposes and ONLY if your current agency approves.

That's the downfall of NACA as a whole. A national certification doesn't do squat if the agencies hiring you have their own policies, procedures and way of doing things. 3/4 of the training, if not more, I recieved at NACA was useless to me because my agency did things completely different and I couldn't apply the training to my job.

There is no National Police Association Acadamy for instance. Law enforcement training is regional and so are the certifications.
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