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Default On the job for 3!

So here's a quick update. I've been through three weeks here and would best call it eventful! Pitbulls, Animal Hoarders - all the joys of home.

My prior director was very supportive on my departure and told me that the door was open should I be unhappy in Ohio. I handled my departure as I did my arrival, with a month's notice and a concerted effort to make sure that all my tasks were completed before I left.

I would have been happy to retire from Newport News. I worked with a great bunch of people and had the opportunity that few in this profession get, to start a new operation. And, had this offer not been so great, I would still be there today!

I don't close doors or burn bridges but I think it is already safe to say that I'll be coming back to Virginia to visit, not to stay. I have a bunch of projects in the works that would not have been possible in my previous location so the opportunities are endless.

If I could share one thing with everyone it would be "dare to dream". You may be amazed that the chances that come your way and, if you are bold enough to grasp for them, you may end up living your dream. I know I am!
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