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Originally Posted by stmelangell
Cost of living in my town: 206% of national average.
ACP wages in my town: 156% of national average.
ACO wages compared to median wages in my town: 56%
If I'm reading you right, Mark, the provenance of these calculations is as follows:

Cost of living: can't find the website again, but it compared cities against a national average (tabulated as 100%). Didn't have Vallejo, where I live, but had San Francisco, which is not much higher. Rent for 1 brm apartments runs 900 - 1300 a month here, depending on the neighborhood. With pets, generally runs considerably higher.

ACO wages in my town: compared $12.87 with my wage as a 4-yr ACO, $20.10.

ACO wages to median wages: median wage in my jurisdiction is slightly above $100K; compared that to my wage (with overtime) of $42K, and got the result, which come to think of it is low .... should be 42% ish. (Wonder what I did wrong.)

Just for comparison, rent and water, gas, electric, and phone run about $1350 a month for me, but I have a pretty cheap place in an iffy neighborhood. I don't carry TV cable ($80/mo) but I do have DSL ($40/mo).

Does that help?

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