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Our agency doesn't have on call, we have a graveyard shift, only if they're off sick or something does someone end up on call. Our total "on call" is maybe 8 or so times a year tops. The way we run and the service level that is expected from the citizens, you'd never go home after your shift. You'd run calls all night, every night. Well maybe not every night, but I can remember many a graveyard shift where it was nothing but one priority call after another. Even if my boss wanted to nix graveyard, cut two officers, and go to on call, I would fight it tooth and nail, unless they changed, in a massive way, what we respond to after hours.

Now the supervisor on call and investigator on call are another matter entirely. They are there for support for the swing or grave officers should the need arise. Its happened in the past where we've assembled all three of us on some odd late night call, usually some cruelty call or something. We can usually deal with most situations until the morning crews arrive.

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