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Originally Posted by NBPD336 View Post
Hi all, or at least anyone that is left here these days.

Just wanted to say good luck to you all. I am not longer doing ACO for my town. After nine years as a Police Officer and the towns ACO. I will still be an assistant in a neighboring town but will not be the primary call. Only covering vactations. So not sure how much I will be around the forums so just wanted to say good luck to all of you.

If you are just getting into the field it really is a very rewarding job. Maybe not monetarily but when you look into the eyes of an animal that you rescued from an abusive situation and see that look that speaks volumes without saying a word, you'll understand.

So again just wanted to say good luck and stay safe.

Sorry I don't check in here more often anymore, just seems as though the place is semi abandoned. Anyways, good luck in your future endeavours, and on behalf of the many animals you have helped thank you for your service! Cheers!
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